How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Issues with Electrical Sockets


Power plugs are the most convenient way to connect all types of appliances to a power supply system. Superior quality power plugs will serve you for an extended period without the need for repairs and replacement. However, even the best of plugs do wear out with time. It is, therefore, crucial to figure out when the power plugs start falling apart so that you can have them repaired or replaced as needed.

30 October 2018

3 Things to Consider About Starting an Electrical Appliance Repair Business


One way that many people are starting an income with little or basic knowledge, is by going into a small electrical appliance repair business. You may think that you need an electricians certificate for this type of work. The truth is there are several items you can work on with basic experience and knowledge of the appliance repair. If you are considering going into electrical appliance repair, there are three things you should consider.

26 July 2018