4 Indications Of Timeworn Wiring In Your Home


If you live in an older home, then chances of outdated and timeworn wiring in your home are high. Old wiring cannot handle heavy electrical loads, especially when you consider the bevy of modern appliances requiring power. If timeworn wiring is not replaced, then your home is at risk of electrical fires and other dangerous hazards. This guide will help you identify whether your home's wiring is timeworn. You may need to hire a qualified electrician in your area to tackle the problem before an electrical catastrophe occurs.   

You Get A Shock When Operating Switches

If you get a shock or feel a tingle when you turn a switch off or on, then your electrical wiring could have a problem. It could mean that a circuit wire shorts out to the conduit that encloses the existing wire. You can also get a shock if the existing wire wears out and loses its insulation. For your safety, be sure to call in a professional electrician the minute you start getting shocks when you operate switches in your home.

You Notice Discolouration With Your Outlets

If you notice that your outlets have charred or discoloured, you may have faulty circuits or loose connections, which can cause electrocution when handled. In this instance, you will need to get an electrician in your area to replace the switch outlet as soon as possible to operate it safely again.

Your Lights Flicker Regularly

If your wires start wearing out, your lights may start to regularly flicker and eventually break down. It could also mean that your circuit is overloaded and needs replacement. Circuit overloads typically happen with old wiring because modern appliances consume far more electricity than they are designed to hold. An electrician will assess and fix your problem of flickering lights by either replacing your wires or circuits.

Your Fuses Go Off Regularly

If your fuse constantly trips, then this is a sure sign that your wires are overloaded with more electricity than they can handle. It could also be because of fraying and worn out wires. To solve this problem, you will need to reduce the number of appliances connected to a fuse or you will need to get the wires replaced completely to handle higher electrical capacities.

If you notice any of these indications of timeworn wiring in your home, be sure to call an electrician in your area like A.J. Palmer Electrical to diagnose and fix the problem professionally and safely.


16 March 2016

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