Home Renovations: 4 Ways to Practice Electrical Safety


When you are completing home renovations, it is essential that you keep proper safety precautions in mind. This includes knowing how to work with electrical wiring and knowing when you need a professional's help. Here are some electrical safety tips for home renovating projects.

Know Where the Wiring Is

The first thing you need to do when you are completing home renovations is know exactly where the wiring is. Electrocutions often happen when hitting the wiring inside a wall with a metal tool because you didn't take the time to map out your home's wiring. Before you start tearing down a wall or working with renovations where electrical work might be present, make sure you locate the wiring and are careful not to disrupt it. Even if it doesn't lead to electrical shock, you could accidentally damage it and have to completely rewire it.

Keep Your Work Area Dry

You also need to make sure the work area where renovations are being completed is kept dry at all times. If any water reaches the electrical work, it could mean severe electrical shock of you and anyone else standing in the water at the time. Make sure you clean up spills immediately. You might be working on the plumbing system and have a pipe that bursts. Your first priority should be cleaning up the water and making sure all surfaces are dry so the water doesn't reach any electrical work. If you have water on your clothing or hands, don't work with any of the home's electrical wiring.

Don't Work With the Power Turned On

A common mistake people make is doing certain home renovations with the power turned on. Even if you are not working directly with electrical systems, they could be affected by your work, which then puts you at risk for electrical hazards. For example, if you are replacing the insulation in your walls, you will be exposing wiring as you pull off the drywall. You don't want to be anywhere near wiring with the power turned on. Go to the electrical panel and turn off all power to that room before continuing. Use a work lamp so you have sufficient light and open up the windows to get some natural light in the room.

Any time you find damaged wires or need re-wiring to be done during renovations, you should not attempt it yourself. It is only safe for a professional electrician to make these types of repairs.


17 March 2016

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