Baby Proofing: How to Make Your Home More Baby-Friendly


If you have a baby at home that is starting to crawl, now is the time to baby-proof your home. This allows you to protect your precious bundle of joy from injury due to putting their little fingers in a light socket or getting into the cabinets where you keep cleaning products. Here are some tips for making your home baby-friendly.

Install Child-Proof Outlets

While you can get plastic outlet plugs to keep the baby from sticking its fingers in there, you might want to get something more advanced. Some babies and toddlers have figured out how to pull off the socket plugs, so you need something that is a little more secure. There are child-proof outlets that you can get installed by an electrician from a company like A.J.C. Electrical Service Pty Ltd. These look like regular outlets, but there are cover plates that have a spring that requires someone to press both sides of the cover plate in order to open it and plug something in. This is too difficult for a baby to do on their own, so it keeps the baby safe.

Put Locks on Anything That Opens

You also want to start locking up anything your baby can reach and open. This includes all lower cabinets and drawers, which might contain dangerous chemicals, cleaning products, sharp knives, or heavy pans that could injure your baby. Also put a lock on your toilet seat, as it can snap down on your baby, or they can even fall in the toilet if they are tall enough. Keep your dishwasher, oven door, and refrigerator door locked as well.

Replace Your Glass Coffee Tables

If you have glass coffee tables in your living or family room, it is best that you remove them and either don't have tables in that room or replace them with a softer material. Not only is glass on its own very hard, but the corners of these tables tend to be sharp. The last thing you want is for your baby to bang their head against a corner of a glass table when stumbling if they are trying to stand up. For the most part, your family room is best not having small tables where the baby can get injured.

Keep All Cords Wound Tightly

Make sure you keep all cords in your home wound up tightly and away from the grasp of your baby. This includes computer and printer cords, cords to your charging devices if they are at a lower level, and television cords.

Implementing these tips can help you keep your baby safer in your home to give you peace of mind. 


18 March 2016

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