How To Diagnose A Doorbell That Is Not Working


Doorbell problems can be blamed on two things: loose wires and a faulty doorbell button. Here is how you can detect the problems related to these components.

Checking Loose Wires

Safety is always the first priority when dealing with electrical components, and it is no different when you are dealing with doorbells. Hence, turn off electricity at the main fuse box that regulates the power to the room you are working on.

If you have a wired system type of doorbell, begin by removing the screws that attach the system onto the wall. When the screws are off, try to pull the doorbell system away from the wall. You should be able to see two wires that are connected to the system at the back. If you find some sort of resistance while you are pulling the doorbell, it means that the wires are secure. If the wires are loose or cut, the doorbell systems should come out with no resistance. It also means that the wires could the reason why your doorbell isn't working.

Diagnosing The Doorbell Button

If the problem is not with the wires, then it could be that you have a faulty doorbell button. The button is also the component that allows electricity to pass through the wires by closing the electrical circuit; the circuit is closed when the button is pressed. To diagnose the button, disconnect one of the two wires. Then take the bare end of one wire and join it with the bare end of the other. Wait and hear if the chime will sound. If it does, then you have a faulty button. But if the chime doesn't produce a sound, the problem may not lie in doorbell button. Of importance to note is that you have to turn the power on when you are diagnosing the doorbell button because the sound can't be produced when the power is off.

Another problem with a doorbell button that may prevent your doorbell from working is its compatibility. If the button doesn't match the transformer, the doorbell is doomed to fail. A transformer is that component that regulates the voltage passing through the doorbell by stepping the voltage down. If the doorbell isn't working, touch the doorbell button. If it feels hot, then it is not compatible with the transformer. To get your doorbell up and running again, it is wise to contact an electrician for repair services. 


21 March 2016

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