What You Can Do to Keep Your Heat Pump Performing Optimally


While it is a good habit to have a heat pump serviced by professionals at the recommended intervals, there is a lot more that you as a homeowner can do to get the best performance from your heat pump. This article discusses some of those things that you can do.

Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter causes the system to overwork by requiring it to use a lot of energy to force air through the dirty filter. This overwork can cause heat pump components (such as the compressor) to wear out prematurely. You should develop a habit of checking the filter every month so that you replace it as soon as it becomes dirty. You can also upgrade to a better filter that does not have to be changed as frequently as the one you have.

Don't Ignore the Condensate Line

The condensate line of a heat pump can gradually become clogged by sludge that accumulates within it. Do not wait for sludge to accumulate to that problematic level. Take proactive action by using a wet vacuum cleaner to clear the condensate line. You can do this by attaching the hose of the vacuum to the end of the condensate line. The wet vacuum will suck any sludge that is inside the condensate line. You can place a pipe between the vacuum hose and the condensate line so that you prevent air from leaking as you clear the condensate line. You should perform this preventive maintenance task at least twice each year.

Pay Attention to the External Fins

Different forms of debris (such as leaves and twigs) can block the free flow of air around the condenser unit of the heat pump. Use a stiff brush to remove such obstructions whenever you see them. That debris may have also caused the exterior fins of the condenser to bend. Use a fin comb to straighten any bent fins gently. This will help to improve the flow of air around the unit. Perform this cleaning task at the end of the hot season. You can also perform it at the end of the cold months of the year.

As you can see, you can perform simple actions to extend the useful life of your heat pump. However, you should call a technician for help in case you notice an abnormality (such as loud noises) coming from the heat pump. Remember that It is best to call a technician who has experience in servicing the specific make of your heat pump.


23 March 2016

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