Commercial Lighting: Selecting the Perfect LED Fixtures


If you are planning an upgrade for the lighting in your commercial premises, you should consider choosing LED fixtures. Basically, these contain a light-emitting diode that is designed to produce high levels of luminescence for space lighting. These lamps are more expensive than alternatives such as halogen and incandescent bulbs. However, they are more energy efficient and will provide prolonged service without deterioration. Consequently, you will reduce the long-term costs of maintaining your commercial lighting. Here are some other features that you should consider when using commercial LED lighting:

Beam Angle

The angle of the light beam is a critical consideration when purchasing your commercial LED fixtures. Basically, the beam angle is the general spread of the light rays from the lighting bulb. In simple terms, an LED light is directional and usually casts a cone of the light over the area of interest. A narrow beam offers concentrated light, which is perfect for task lighting, while a wider angle will provide softer and more general illumination. You should also consider the lumen ratings of each bulb before purchase. Basically, this is a measure of the amount of light hitting a square unit in a room. Typically, the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light, so compare different levels of illumination in bulbs before selecting.

Colour Temperature

LED lighting fixtures are available in two common colour temperatures: warm and cool white. Generally, the right choice for your commercial space will depend on preference. However, you should understand that cool white bulbs are more suited for task lighting. This means that they are perfect for actual work spaces, particularly those requiring good visual acuity. Warm white lamps are ideal for creating a more relaxing atmosphere, so you should consider installing these products in client waiting rooms, for example. If your premise has an open floor plan, it is advisable to install only a single colour. The contrast created when the two colours are used together can be distracting.

Dimmer Compatibility

You should consider the LED bulb's compatibility with dimmer switches before installation. These can be useful for commercial spaces that require high and low light levels at different times. For example, a conference room will require bright artificial lighting when there is insufficient natural sunlight in the room. However, these lights must be turned down to for proper display of projected presentations on interactive whiteboards. Ideally, you should choose the dimmer switch product recommended by the manufacturer. There are some modern LED lighting systems that are compatible with normal incandescent dimmer switches.


24 March 2016

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