4 Electrical Safety Tips When Using Accent Lighting For an Event


When you are in charge of setting up lighting for an event, it is important that you practice the right safety measures. This will ensure you have effective lighting for the event without additional risks.

Check the Condition of the Cords

Before you plug any type of lighting fixture in for your event, make sure the lights and their cords are in good condition. This can reduce a lot of your electrical risks, as using a cord that is frayed, cracked or damaged can lead to an electrical shortage or worse hazards. Look closely at the lighting fixture, making sure the light bulb is in good condition. Check the cord, looking at it closely for any signs of wear or damage. You should never plug in a cord that has cracks, broken plastic coating to reveal the wire underneath or if the plug itself looks severely damaged.

Look for Signs of Faulty Wiring

The wiring in the venue itself also needs to be in good condition. Whether you are having the event in your own home, a reception hall or other venue, make sure you look for signs of faulty wiring. For example, if you notice that when plugging in multiple lights or appliances, there is a shortage each time, then you probably have faulty wiring. Some other signs of faulty wiring include having outlets or switches that feel hot to the touch, dimming lights, or flickering lights. Contact an electrician if you notice any of these things.

Don't Overload the Circuits

A common mistake made when setting up accent lighting for an event is trying to use too many lights in any given area. You need to make sure the outlets and surge protectors are capable of handling the amount of lighting you intend to plug in. You might want to consult an electrician before plugging anything in, if you're adding more than a few strands of twinkle lights. If you try to plug too many lights into one circuit, it is going to overload and you will be left with no power at all.

Avoid Heat Sources

When hanging the lights, make sure they are not placed near other heat sources, as this becomes a fire hazard. Lights should never be used or plugged in near a working fireplace, furnace, hot water heater, barbecue grill, or other heat sources. You can consult an electrical contractor if you think your lights are a little too close to a heat source at the event.


25 March 2016

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