Top 3 Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping


Your home's electrical system is pretty complex, but the outlay is basically the same. Electric current enters the home to a circuit breaker box and then routed all over your home. Each circuit normally has a fuse or circuit breaker attached to it, and its main role is simple: to ensure that too much current doesn't go through the circuit. The circuit breaker trips so that the circuitry doesn't get damaged or overheated. But if the tripping happens frequently, it could get both annoying and dangerous. So here are some of the top reasons why it happens and what you can do to diagnose it.

Faulty electrical appliances

One of the major causes of a tripping circuit is a faulty electrical appliance. Appliances tend to wear out over time and may eventually function improperly when not well maintained. Appliances such as electric kettles, iron boxes, fridge and toasters are major culprits.

If tripping normally occurs just a few moments after you reset the circuit breaker, then you can start by unplugging all your appliances. To find the cause of the problem, start plugging in the appliances one by one and wait for the period of time it takes to trip the circuit till you find the faulty appliance.

Short circuiting

This is a more serious problem, and it occurs when a hot wire touches another or when it comes into contact with the neutral wire. The hot live wire is normally black and the neutral white. Short circuiting may also be caused by a break in the wire at some point along the circuitry.

To diagnose this issue, you can start by checking the outlets to your plugged devices. Ascertain that there are no damaged power cords, and keep your eyes peeled for any brown discolouration. You can also check the insulation for any cracking. If you don't find the fault, call in an electrician.

Faulty electrical wiring

Electrical wiring also deteriorates, and its insulation gets brittle and wears out. This is particularly common for older homes because they use rubber insulated cables as opposed to thermoplastic insulation that has got higher heat resistance.

You can fix this by rewiring your electrical system, especially along circuits that look worn out. Rodents may also be involved in eating out your garden wiring cables and causing the tripping. Remember to call a professional electrical contractor when rewiring your electrical system because it can get pretty dangerous.


25 March 2016

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