Solar Power Installation- What to Consider Before Making a Commitment


Solar power is a free and natural resource that you can use today to power your home, small business, or unit components in an area. While the resounding call of environmental responsibility has drawn many people to adopt solar energy, the fear of insufficiencies from the system coupled with high installation costs can drive one to think otherwise.  This, however, does not always have to be the case. With proper preparatory considerations, you can get just the right fit for an installation that will live up to the promise of paying for itself in the future. If you are considering solar installation for your home, here are some of the areas where making the right decision will prove cost saving and useful in the immediate and near future.

Your electric consumption

It is important to look at your electrical consumption costs before even planning on which solar installation contractor you want to go with. Your energy consumption and trends will give you the best picture of how much solar energy you will actually need to maintain your operations as conveniently as possible. You can ask a solar installation expert to calculate the amount of annual electrical energy you use and use these calculations to scale up models of your appropriate solar system units. With this information, you at least know how much energy you need and, therefore, the number, type, and size of solar panels you need from an installer. You can also check your utility bills and calculate your average monthly consumption if you feel like doing it yourself.

If you are building a new home, this is the best time to ask a contractor to plan for solar connection throughout the home. Also, look at trying to incorporate a mix between the solar system, and the main grid if you would like to dip into the main grid every now and then when solar isn't sufficient.

Cost and output of installation

Solar installation and the output from the installation will be greatly determined by the size or number of panels you use. So first consider how much space you have for solar panels. If you plan on placing them on the roof, is your roof space sufficient for a particular number of panels that will convert sufficient energy? At this point you should also consider solar clearance around your home. Is there sufficient sunlight passing through to your home? And how long a duration do you get direct sunlight on a clear cloudless day?

There are programs that can be used to make solar installation more affordable. Find out if your government gives solar rebates, subsidies, and other incentives for using this type of energy. Fully exploiting these channels will save you a good amount of money. Some power production bodies also pay people who connect their systems to the grid and feed back some energy. Think of it as something like selling your excess power to the government.

Permits and regulations

Finally, many people don't realize that several laws govern solar installation in different jurisdictions. Whether a local council, a government agency, or any entity is responsible, find out who they are, which laws they have in place regarding solar installations, and how much it will cost you.


29 March 2016

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