Things to think about when having telephone and data wiring performed in your house


When renovating your home, one of the most complicated parts of the process is wiring. Telephone and data cables are essential parts of your home, and it's very important that they function properly in order for your home to be a safe environment with all parts functioning properly. Telephone and data wiring is not something you should attempt to do by yourself if you don't have experience working in an electrical company. However, there are still choices you have to make yourself in order to get the best wiring possible for your home. 

Telephone wiring

Data and telephone wiring are among the most important parts of your system, as these are the cables that are responsible for your communication needs. Telephone and data wiring services generally advise that people install telephone wiring in their homes even if they use wireless services for their telephone needs. This is because telephone wiring helps as a backup to transfer and receive data. It also makes the value of your house go up in case you were to sell it.

One or two cables

Another choice you have to make is whether you want separate cables for your telephone and data wiring, or if one cable is sufficient. Telephone wires generally tend to not be able to handle the amounts of data needed for a modern computer to function properly, so if you want to be able to use the internet without limits, you should get two separate cables. There's also an option of getting a combined data and telephone cable, which contains two cables that are intertwined to provide both services without wasting space. These types of cables tend to be more expensive than other alternatives, but can save you money by it not taking as long to install one cable as it would to install two.

When to install them

If you have one company doing the telephone and data wiring and one company doing the electrical wiring, you also have to choose which type of cable should be set up first. Having the data and telephone cables wired first could be positive as it gives the electrical company a clearer image of where they should place the electrical cables. However, having the electrical cables could be more beneficial as data cables could become damaged if placed too close to electrical cables. Placing the electrical cables first could, therefore, give the telephone and data wiring company more choices on where to put the cable so that they aren't damaged by the other cables. 


31 March 2016

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