Considerations When Installing Your Office's Electrical System


As a business owner, it is a major accomplishment to finally own your own office premises. However, before you get your employees settled in, you need to ensure that your electrical system will be sufficient for your needs as well as efficient for your operational costs. Keep in mind that commercial electrical systems tend to run for longer than residential systems. In addition to this, suffering through a blackout with a commercial electrical system can have more adverse ramifications as compared to a residential electrical system. Here are some of the considerations that you should have when installing your office's electrical systems. 

Take measures to prevent circuit overloading

In this day and age, there are more electrical devices and equipment being used in an office space than ever before. However, not many business owners take this into consideration. As such, they will have the same number of outlets that were sufficient in years past but which will not be able to handle near the load of today's electrical needs. If your office space has minimal outlets, you should not assume that daisy chaining extension cords would permanently solve this problem for you. Keep in mind that each outlet has a certain amount of current that it is able to withstand. 

When you daisy chain extension cords and attach electrical equipment that consumes high energy, you stand the risk of overloading the circuit. Not only can this lead to a power surge that could damage your electrical devices, but you also stand the chance of causing an electrical fire on your office premises. Before you move into your office premises, ensure that a commercial electrician has ascertained whether the outlet available will be sufficient for your individual business needs or if your premises will require more. It is always best to have more outlets that you do not use than to have fewer outlets that put your electrical systems at risk of overloading. 

Invest in a generator for your office premises

Another aspect some business owners tend to overlook is how a power outage could grossly affect productivity in the office. This is especially true if a majority of your operations rely on online communication. Although power outages may not be commonplace, it is always best to be prepared. Your commercial electrician would be best at advising you on what type of generator would suit your individual office premises.  In addition to a generator, you should also opt to install UPS systems for electrical devices that are used constantly, such as computers. UPS system stands for Unlimited Power Supply system, and it will provide your computers with power during an outage as you wait for the generator to kick in. This ensures there is no lapse in productivity or the chance of losing any work that has not been saved already. 

For more information about these and other factors to consider for your office's electrical systems, work with an experienced commercial electrician


30 June 2016

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