How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Issues with Electrical Sockets


Power plugs are the most convenient way to connect all types of appliances to a power supply system. Superior quality power plugs will serve you for an extended period without the need for repairs and replacement. However, even the best of plugs do wear out with time. It is, therefore, crucial to figure out when the power plugs start falling apart so that you can have them repaired or replaced as needed. Here are some ways that you can figure out whether your power plugs have problems.

When there is no power coming from the socket

One of the primary ways that people know their electrical outlets have a problem is when they connect an appliance to the socket and realise there is no power coming out of it. Most of the times, this is an indication that the internal mechanism of the plug has somehow stopped working, which is caused by a blown a fuse or a loose wire behind the socket. You can open up the screws that attach the socket to the wall and inspect these two components to see the bits which are working and those that aren't.  It is best to have an electrician troubleshoot for this problem.

Hot light and an unusual smell

When there is a wiring problem inside the socket, sometimes the electrical circuit jumps from the socket to an appliance in an attempt to complete the circuit. It leads to some of the parts getting burned. Most of the times, this is accompanied by smoke stains on the socket and, depending on the material of the socket, it could be hot to the touch.

A tripped ground fault circuit interrupter

Another problem that leads to power socket failure is when problems affect the ground fault circuit interrupter. When there is a ground fault in the circuit, the GFCI acts by shutting off the electrical current to prevent the appliances from getting ruined and also to protect the home from electrical fires. However, sometimes this tripping occurs and isn't noticed, leading to the unexplained faulty socket. Only a professional can diagnose and expertly fix a tripped GFCI.

Other problems that affect circuit breakers include several wires being under the same wire unit and smoke coming out of the outlet. You should always ensure that your power is switched off at the mains before diagnosing problems with the electrical sockets. Call in an electrician for proper troubleshooting and electrical repairs when you have issues.


30 October 2018

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