How to Use Solar Panels, Even If Your Home Is Not Ideally Placed


There's been so much talk about alternative energy sources in recent months that you may want to get a slice of the action yourself. You'd love to install solar panels on your roof, for example, but you don't think that you can, as the house is in the "wrong" position. Many people find themselves in a similar position to you, but they make be coming to an incorrect conclusion as it is, indeed, possible to take advantage of solar electricity in this situation. What type of approach could you take in order to move ahead and to save some money?

Best Position

In an ideal world, the sloping roof on each (southern hemisphere) home would point towards the north so that the homeowner could take advantage of the midday sun every day. Some roofs do not, of course, and a home may not have a sloping roof. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be even more worried. Yet again, you can still fit a solar array, as long as it is installed on an appropriate framing mechanism.

Framing Options

There are a number of different choices in each case. For example, you can choose a lower-budget option and install a permanent frame to tilt the solar panels in a set direction, according to the exact location of the building. Alternatively, you can install a mechanism that is designed to move and follow the sun for optimal performance.


Remember, that the sun is higher in the summer and lower in the wintertime, so if you are going to capture as much energy as possible during the entire year, you have to carefully adjust the configuration of the panels each season. Much of this can be done for you, of course, so the process is automatic, but the initial installation is nonetheless important.


You can fit a tilt mechanism to a flat surface or to a sloping roof, and you will need to talk with your electrician and installer to determine your best approach. Once everything is installed, however, make sure that you get a backup battery and other technology so that you can take full advantage of the solution. In this case, you will be able to harvest as much as possible during the daytime and store it on property so that you can use it at night.

Taking Action

Talk with your electrician to weigh your options as soon as possible.


10 October 2019

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