If You Operate an Industrial Facility, You Need to Think About Infrared Inspection


If you run an industrial facility, you will put a lot of faith in an often complicated electrical infrastructure. In this case, you need to ensure that this system operates as efficiently as possible and, crucially, does not suddenly fail. Therefore, why is it important that you consider an infrared thermography survey to try and identify problems before they arise?

The Larger Picture

If you talk with your insurance carrier about infrared inspections, they may even be interested in some type of discount on your premium. After all, they realise that a significant proportion of electrical failures can be attributed to faulty electrical connections and systems. The insurers will know that it can be difficult to tell if a connection or system is about to fail through visual inspection. Consequently, this type of technology has become a lot more popular.

Sometimes, hotspots can develop through bad connections or loose wiring. This can lead to unbalanced loads and overheating, where cables that were not rated for that type of load experience stress.

Infrared Resources

Infrared scanning can be a valuable predictive maintenance tool for organisations like yours. The process of scanning can immediately detect any buildup of heat and, in turn, predict when that or a linked component may fail. The infrared camera will generate the heat signature as an image, and all of the data can be processed by special software. Managers can then take the decision based on this predictive analysis and replace the offending part before any breakdown occurs.

Extra Risks

Don't forget that excessive heat can be linked with fire, and thus it is even more important to schedule regular infrared surveys. Also, this work has become a lot more cost-effective in recent years, and a skilled electrician will be able to get it all done in a relatively short amount of time. They will be able to refer to the ideal standards provided by the relevant manufacturer or match to an existing temperature profile.

Additional Protections

Sometimes, the more important electrical components (such as switchgear) may already have the capability for infrared inspection. The casing may be fitted with thermal viewing ports, which can make it easier and safer. Furthermore, you may want to consider installing a permanent infrared monitor at some of the more crucial points while scheduling a whole system survey as part of your general predictive maintenance regime.

Scheduling the Work

Talk with an industrial electrician with experience in infrared surveys to get the ball rolling.


29 October 2021

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