Is Your Entertainment Centre Getting Out Of Hand?


When you've just bought a new electronic device to expand your entertainment centre, you may find that you have nowhere to plug it in. All of those slots in your extension cord may now be full, and you may need to run over to the convenience store to buy another. Before you get used to doing this, you should ask yourself whether you are overloading your electrical system and setting yourself up for potential problems. Why is this, and what should you do instead?

Making Temporary Permanent

Even though they are not marketed as such, extension cords are only meant to be temporary. Certainly, many households will use them for months and years without issue, but there is nevertheless a risk attached.

Overwhelming Your Systems

Electronic devices (stereo systems, game players and big-screen TVs) are increasingly power-hungry and need a certain type of electricity supply. This means that they may need to be plugged into their own source of power, otherwise, they could simply overwhelm your power strip.

You can look at the technical information supplied with each device to see how much power they require. Then, add these figures together for each device that you intend to plug into one power strip. Now, look at the power strip documentation to see if your total is below the maximum recommendation.

Many people would be shocked to find that they are overloading that extension cord. This could cause issues with the device in question, which could simply refuse to work. Alternatively, the extension cord could overheat, and this would lead to a fire in the worst-case scenario.

Bringing in the Professionals

So, what is the answer to this situation?

Talk to an electrician and ask them to review your household installation. You will probably need to install some extra power points next to your entertainment centre so that you can plug those power-hungry devices into their own socket. You may also need to do the same in your kitchen to cater for all those appliances.

Of course, you may also need some additional circuits to deal with these alterations, but your electrician is best placed to answer that question.

Taking the Best Approach

Don't risk the safety of your household by relying too much on overwhelmed extension cords. Instead, sort out that tangled mess of cables once and for all and bring in an electrician to carry out the necessary work. For more information, reach out to an electrician near you.


28 November 2022

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